How to Prepare for a Family Photo Session

Mid-August in Florida means the kids are back in school, summer thunderstorms pop up every day around 4pm and Hobby Lobby is already displaying holiday decorations. This is the time of year when I start thinking of all the fun families about schedule their beach photo sessions! Over the last few years I've had many questions and funny things happen that I feel it's time to write down some tips!

Here are a few tips on booking your next session!


1. Schedule your session at the beginning of your trip: This will be a huge lifesaver when a random Florida storm pops up or the wind kicks in too high! Schedule your session as early in your stay as possible and remain flexible with your plans. The more flexibility, the better chances we can reschedule a session if needed!

2. Pick Your Outfits: I get a lot of questions on what to wear. Some families love to match entirely, and that is their choice / vision they had for their photos. However, coordinated outfits are much more on-trend and realistic! I know you're a group and you don't have to match. :) Also, you can almost get away with any tropical color even throughout the holidays!

3. Get Your Rest!: I know it's so hard to keep the kids on a sleep schedule especially on vacation. The day of your session, try to just "hang out" and do some low-key activities and squeeze in a nap if possible. The resort pool will not only exhaust the kids but will also give them those lovely red chlorine eyes in their portraits. Happy Children = Beautiful portraits. Rested and Happy Parents = Beautiful Portraits!

4. Eat Something: Try to have a snack or early dinner before your session. "Hangry" is a real thing especially for kids and dads! It doesn't hurt to bring a non-messy snack for the kids during your session as well.

5. Have Fun!: Relaxed parents and kids = Beautiful Portraits! Family sessions are meant to be a *fun* way to make lasting memories. Toddler won't sit still? That's okay! Let your photographer capture your kiddo on-the-go, playing in the sand and water. You'll love the candids!

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