The Family Resolution

Happy New Year! What a wonderful year 2018 was for my family, my business and for my clients. So many of you came back for another family vacation with new additions to the family. I cannot wait to photograph them as they grow up!

On New Years Eve, we went to dinner with some close friends and of course we were asked what our 2019 resolutions were going to be. I've noticed I've become so distracted this year (and every year) by what everyone else is doing, I forget to look up from my phone and be in the present. I'm distracted and feel rushed all the time! So, my resolution for 2019 is to remember to slow down and enjoy the ride. I want to slow down with my daughter, Summer. She is only 4 and just needs her mom to be present.

Another new goal for the year is to start a new tradition of getting my own personal family photos taken every year. My returning clients have inspired me to do this. Every year I see them and think, " wow, I haven't had any photos taken of my family in years!".... this needs to happen!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe start to their year!

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