Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to book a session?


The best time to book a session is 1. at the beginning of your stay, if you are on vacation. 2. Approximately 45mins before sunset. 




How many photos do I get?

Typically, a 1 hour shoot will result up to 35+ photos. Each photo is edited using professional software. You also get an online gallery (for viewing and download) available for 30 days and copyright for personal use only.

What do we wear?


Many families will opt for white tops and khaki bottoms, but I personally recommend some color on top and white bottoms. 


Dress comfortably but wear something you feel great in. Stick with more neutral, solid colors but don't be afraid to add a simply stripe or dress up a little. Have fun with it! Not all skin tones are the same and some colors simply won't work for everyone, so be flexible if you're with a large group. 



Is the beach your only location?

You get to pick the location! Most family / senior portrait sessions are on the beach due to the amount of space, the great lighting, and it's super relaxing. 


But if you want your portrait taken elsewhere, we can provide you with many location options to choose from.

How do we pay you?

Everything is payable online. Simple!!


Upon booking I send a PayPal link for a 50% deposit. Once this is paid your session will be scheduled in the calendar. $50 of this deposit is considered a retainer fee for scheduling purposes and is non-refundable.


A few days before your session I will send another link for the remaining balance. You can pay this before / on the day of your shoot. 


(Optional: Let me know if you'd like to pay everything up front - many people choose this option to get the payments out of the way!)

For further questions please visit our blog or call us! : (941) 993-7495